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To all those who sense a divine power we often call God, 

To all those who want to believe but are not sure,

To all those who are a part of a faith community but wish for something more,

To all those who have been hurt by the church or people who claim the title Christian,


To all those who seek a spiritual companion to help guide their life's journey,

To all those who serve as pastors but are in need of a pastor themselves.


My name is Rich Nelson and I'm an Episcopal priest, a spiritual director, a poet, an author, a potter (in training), and a pilgrim. I create resources as a direct support to individuals and small groups who seek something different than they might find in a traditional church setting. I do this primarily through my online spiritual formation project, following The Way. Head on over to the following The Way website to learn more and join the journey.


Below you will also find a link to my children's faith and nature program based on the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare called Francis and Friends and other curricula I've written independently and for groups such as The Work of the People.


If you'd like to connect, you can reach me here. I'm happy to visit about leading a retreat for your community or exploring the possibility of being your spiritual director. 

Christ's peace, 





I seek to see the world through the eyes of a poet.


I seek to serve the world with the heart of a priest.


I seek to beautify the world with the hands of a potter.

I seek to be in the world with the feet of a pilgrim.


I seek to live a life deeply formed, informed, and transformed by the incredible power of the Four Paths (known in various faith traditions as the Shema, the Five Pillars, the Eightfold Path, and in my own tradition as the Great Commandment) loving God and others with all my Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. 


I simply call it The Way. 


I seek to follow The Way by incarnating the love of Christ in this messed up, beautiful world. 


following The Way is

a journey of spiritual growth

for personal use

and small groups

Francis and Friends is a "faith and nature" resource to introduce children to the stories of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi and send them outdoors to be filled with awe and wonder and to strengthen family bonds.

for churches, nature clubs, schools and families

Other Resources

The Ridiculous Journey

a small group curriculum featuring Rowan Williams, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Rachel Held Evans and others

Called to Community

a small group curriculum on the role of the church featuring Walter Bruegemann, Richard Rohr, Malcolm Guite, NT Wright and others

Seeking Aliveness

a small group curriculum featuring Brian McLaren

FTW through Lent

using the Examen method for daily reflections

Word and Wine

a free bible study on tending life's vineyard





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