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FOURmation Resources

This page is still under construction. The resources listed below are an appendix to my master's thesis "FOURmation: Information, Formation, Transformation, and Deiformation as a transformative and wholistic framework for revolutionary discipleship in the 21st Century" 

by The Rev. Richard Louis Nelson, M.Div., M.A.C.F.

Teaching for Information

Text-based resources


Video-based resources

  • The Bible Project A Christian nonprofit group which teaches the bible and the narrative arc of scripture through engaging, animated videos, etc.

  • TrueTube A UK-based group which teaches about religious and social issues through a variety of videos on Christianity and other faiths. 

  • The Chosen  A highly popular and professionally produced tv series which tells the story of Jesus and his disciples. 

  • ChurchNext free or low-cost videos from biblical scholars on a variety of topics, including scripture and history

  • Alpha A widely used curricula for churches which introduces the story of Jesus to those who might be largely unfamiliar and helps people start to find their place in the narrative. 

Teaching for Formation

more to come

Examples: Being With by Sam Wells, spiritual direction, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, the Wingfeather Saga, movies such as The Lord of the Ring Trilogy and the Chronicles of Narnia,

Teaching for Transformation

more to come

Examples: Sacred Ground, Beloved Community Storysharing, LK and SKH both suggest secular service-learning resources be included

Teaching for Deiformation

more to come

Examples: following The Way, The CAC Living School, 

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